President FAAE

Dr. Ashot Grigorian, DrSc



Krajna 86
821 04 Bratislava
Office tel: +421 2 4820 2310
e-mail: faae@faaeurope.eu


Personal Information


Date of Birth:


November 30, 1950

Place of Birth:


Yerevan, Armenia



Republic of Armenia

Marital Status

Married; has two daughter

Professional Experience



- up to now

Chairman of the EU Energytrans group


- up to now

Chairman of the Energy Consult Ltd.


2008 - up to now

Chairman of the Forum of Armenian Associations in Europe


2006 – 2009

Adviser to the Minister opf Foreign Affairs Republik of Armenia


2008 - up to now

Member of South East Europe Media Organizations (SEEMO)


2004 – 2006

Representative of the “Armenian Development Agency” in East Europe


2003 - 2007

Representative of the World Armenian Congress in Europe


1999 – 2004

Member of the Editorial Colleague of the RUBICON magazine


1999 – up to now

Chairman of the Armenian Community in Slovak Republic


1998 – up to now

Director of the European office of the Noyan Tapan Information Analytic Center



Worked in Slovakia, at private companies founded by him


1997 – 2003

Chairman of the “Ecological Movement” NGO



Moved to Slovakia


1988 – 1993

Was actively engaged in the business sector, becoming co-chairman of the Union of Businessmen



Founded "Ecotech" scientific production association



Founded "Ecological Movement" NGO


1985 – 1986

Was sent on an assignment to the Humboldt University of Berlin


1983 – 1985

Lecturer at YSU



Defended a Ph.D. thesis


Entered the post-graduate courses of the Hydro meteorological Institute of Petersburg where he wrote a scientific thesis entitled "The Pollution Potential of Armenia's Atmosphere"


Upon graduation from YSU, he worked as an engineer-research worker at the Institute of Physical Studies of the National Academy of Sciences, then - as a senior engineer at YSU "Laser Scientific Production Association" and as an assistant lecturer at the Geographical Faculty of YSU



Entered the Faculty of Physics of Yerevan State University (YSU)

Political Activities

Participation on Conferences, Forums and other events devoted to problems of relationship in South Caucassus region and relationship between countries of South Caucassus region and EU.

May 2011

VI Europe-Russia Forum Warsaw, Poland

December 2010

Forging a Transatlantic Consensus on Russia,

Washington, D.C

September 2010

XX Economic Forum in Krynica, Zdroj, Poland – moterated Panel „South Caucasus: How to Build an Effective Regional Policy?“

May 2010

South Caucasus: dr. Ashot Grigorian with Frantisek Miklosko, member and former speaker of the Slovak parliament, arrived in Artsakh as observers to the coming parliamentary elections.

May 2010

In Salzburg at seminar “What Turkey?  What Europe?”.

September 2009

XIX Economic Forum in Krynica, Poland – moterated Panel „South Caucassus – region of geopolitical interests of EU, Russia and USA: is cooperation possible“

May 2009

Forum EU-Russia in Bucharest, Romania - speaker at panel „Russia- Caucasus: Is the Partnership for Peace Possible?“

December 2008

Forum EU-Turkey in Sopot, Poland

September 2008

XVIII Economic Forum in Krynica, Poland - speaker at panel „EU-South Caucasus: perspectives of economic cooperation“

Scientific & Professorial, Law Development Activities

Author of more than 30 published science articles on the issues of atmosphere pollution


Defends scientific dissertation „Geoecological problems of Armenia“ for Doctor of science academic title.

Speeches in the number of International Conferences

Scientific contractual works on the issues of pollution of atmosphere and environment in Armenia

Started from 1987 heads and writes for the pages of ecology and atmosphere in a number of magazines such us “Garun”, “Grakan Tert”, “Yerekoyan Yerevan”, “Khorhrdain Hayastan” and etc.

Run the TV program of “The problems of Environment and Ecotechnological Association” by Armenian state TV channel

Social Activities

2011 April

Commemoration ceremony on 96 th anniversary of Armenian Genocide held in Bratislava, Slovakia

2010 April

Commemoration ceremony on 95 th anniversary of Armenian Genocide held in Bratislava, Slovakia

2008 May

Organized a conference dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the FAAE and the 90th anniversary of the First Republic of Armenia in Bratislava


Chairman of the FAAE and has held this position since then


Organized the festival "Days of Armenian Culture" in Central European countries

2000 – 2007

Organized 5 business forums in Armenia


Co-organizer of third All-Armenian Information Forum in Armenia


Co-organizer of the second All-Armenian Information Forum in Armenia


Organized the first All-Armenian Information Forum in Bratislava


Became member of the Forum of Armenian Associations of Europe (FAAE)


Organized the visit of a number of high-ranking Slovakian officials to Armenia (foreign minister E. Kukan, minister of economy L. Harach, justice minister J. Carnogursky, others)


Organized the first Slovak-Armenian business forum in Armenia


Organized the visit of the Armenian Prosecutor General Aghvan Hovsepian to Slovakia

1999 – 2004

As a result of his active work, the National Council of the Slovak Republic adopted a resolution on the Armenian Genocide (30th November, 2004). In the same year he organized signing of an important agreement between the defense ministries of the Republic of Armenia and the Slovak Republic, thanks to which the Armenian air forces were provided with ten powerful war-planes and other ammunition


Created and registered the Armenian community of Slovakia and as its chairman he organized numerous cultural events in Bratislava


Organized the visit of the first Slovakian official delegation to Armenia (the visit of the Slovakian Prosecutor-General Milan Hanzel)


Started to carry out active work on the formation of relations between Slovakia and Armenia


Armenian, Russian, Slovak, German, English and Czech


Classic music, singing, chess, tennis, golf